You’re a ghost now
A stranger
In still life

But I can’t forget you
It electrifies me still

We were outside of us
Where only we could understand
And only for a fleeting moment

Maybe Argentina is just Argentina, after all

Even so,
I know nothing is ever as it seems

trigger warning

I’ve never cared ceiling fans

The noiseless wind churns my thoughts

Overtired and on the cusp of sleep, you came to me in flashbacks
Looking up at me from down the spiral staircase
In the entryway of that house

Fear grips me
Fear of the power of these buried memories have

The fan turns 

I’m in my friend’s house
Remembering how it felt to miss you

Heart racing now
I know it’s just memory
I tell myself I’m safe
Somewhere wholly different

meaningless goods

After all this time 
The good feelings
Just take me back 

Then forward
Scraping the resin from the pipe dream
Anywhere but here 
And anytime but now

Only a memory 
Or a hopeless fantasy

And I lean foward 
For something more
The present spurred on
Only by meaningless goods


It’s the smell of lavender 
Or plain soap 
The taste of sensuous fruit

It’s warmth
Open windows
The sun’s morning haze

It’s the sea
A gentle breeze
Water on my skin

It’s hunger
Wrapped in sheets 

It’s moonlight 
The remote night sky
Dream you dreamer


It’s been so long
And I still hold you so close to me

But it’s not really you
Is it?
It’s a memory
A ghost
A companion

My thoughts are a conversation with you

In reality
I’m not in your reality 
Oh, the tricks our minds play

Shall I give you a new name?
A new face?
My imaginary friend


A fortress
All quiet 
Save for the occasional passing car
Or shameless creaky floorboards 

No insulation 
Just raw sensation
Dense air 

Rough texture
Hints of disrepair 
Simple touches and minimal adornments 
Beauty in nakedness 
Stripped down 

A disquiet mind
Desirous of a vacuous heart
But there’s peace in loneliness 
And rest in the somnolence of grief

primrose path

You hid behind your golden mane 
Tired clothes and dirty feet, for shame

I could see the truth inside you
Such sapience and strength 
A reverie I’d never known 
A love so unique 

Your face as alluring as your mind
A soft but striking stare
Your voice hypnotizing 
Enchanting with your words 

You held me in rapture 
Holding me safe in your heart 
Holding my body like I might break 

Yet so you let me

I loved you as a lion
It was a coward who let me go